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Apr 14, 2020

This series of shows from Wholesaler Masterminds Radio is called Wholesaler Tech Talk, sponsored by YCharts. Our goal is to explore the technology behind the art, science and lifestyle of wholesaling.

For links to all 33 Technology Ideas Wholesalers Can Use to Improve Their Practice visit our website here.

About Austin Young: Austin is currently serving as CEO of Better Homes and Garden Young & Company Real Estate in Greenville/Spartanburg, SC. He took on this role earlier this year partnering alongside his brother, TJ Young, to innovate the real estate industry by taking and applying the same technological and operational skills to Real Estate that has brought him success within the wholesaling industry.

Prior to this role, he was a Business Development Director for John Hancock RPS, where he covered three sales teams across NC and VA. He was one of the youngest wholesalers to make it out to the field, known in his territory as the “Advisor Technologist” and led the 2019 year in sales production for his role.

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