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Jan 31, 2017

They are the holy grail of most wholesaler's practices. The Barron's Top 100 advisor. Cumulatively, based on the 2016 list, they manage $859,610,000,000!

Erin Botsford is a Barron’s Top 100 Independent Advisor & Top 100 Women’s Financial Advisors, Best-Selling Author, Founder and CEO of Botsford Financial Group, a...

Jan 24, 2017

The topic of Social Security distribution planning has been a hot topic for advisors and wholesalers alike.

But what about the intricacies of retirement health care costs and the impact on sound financial planning?

Our guest offers thought provoking insights and ideas for you to bring to your advisors.

Keynote Speaker...

Jan 17, 2017

One of the top three areas of improvement we consistently hear wholesalers need is productivity and time management improvement.

Which would help to explain why Laura Stack has been visiting with us at Wholesaler Masterminds® periodically for the last six years!

Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, CPAE, is best known by her...

Jan 10, 2017

That little voice. It nags all of us from time to time.

It could be the voice uncertainty, anxiety, or fear - but it's a voice that impedes our full success.

Dr. Jack Singer is both a Professional Speaker and a Professional Sport Psychologist, who, for more than 20 years, has brought the skills he teaches to world class...