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May 23, 2017

From our archives - this show was originally published in 2013.

Some folks would think that delivering mail for a living is about the most undifferentiated job on the planet.

And most advisors can’t tell one company’s wholesaler from another in a police line-up.

So, what can we learn from Mark Sanborn’s interactions with Fred Shea, his local postal carrier, that will allow you to become a better wholesaler?


Mark is president of Sanborn & Associates, Mark Sanborn is a recognized thought leader on leadership skill training and helping individuals and organizations turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

But more than this, the mission of Sanborn & Associates is to transform knowledge into application to create a generation of leaders who make a positive difference, regardless of title.

Pick up the all new Fred 2.0: New Ideas On How to Keep Delivering Extraordinary Results  and enjoy this session with Mark Sanborn.