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Apr 24, 2018

Product knowledge? Check.

Ready to add value? Check.

Effectively communicate your message? Many of us need improvement. 

Scott Schwefel has been teaching wholesalers a better way to quickly and easily identify the unique personality styles of clients for the last 15 years, and with great success. He has worked with over 1000 organizations that want to leverage new communications strategies that increase sales, profits and productivity. He has also worked with over 2500 CEOs personally.

After starting, growing and selling 3 different businesses, Scott now delivers keynotes speeches, and trains CEOs and executives in selling skills and leadership throughout the world. He has spoken in London, Paris, Geneva, Scotland, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Kuwait and throughout North America. He has also lived with the Hadza and Massai tribes in Tanzania, adding to his global perspective.

To inquire about booking Scott Schwefel for your next event through Wholesaler Masterminds Speakers Bureau contact us at