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Aug 30, 2016

Centers of Influence (COIs) have the ability to exponentially increase your influence and your sales.

And we've written about it extensively at

In this episode we explore how to establish and nurture successful COI relationships with a guest who does not live in the distribution "fish bowl".

Aug 23, 2016

How do you prepare for your advisor meetings?

For most wholesalers the checklist includes:

- Sales literature in bag
- Trinkets and trash in trunk
- Boarding pass on iphone

But the most important element of appointment preparation is one that too few wholesalers do.

Sam Richter is the founder of the #1-rated Know More...

Aug 16, 2016

How many times this past month did you entertain an advisor or COI?

How many times was that engagement truly memorable?

For too many wholesalers, entertaining via dinners, sporting events, etc. is so much second nature that it's become an afterthought - which is why you need to listen closely to this weeks' guest!


Aug 9, 2016

We started talking about the importance of properly using LinkedIn in your practice over five years ago. Sadly, this amazing tool isn't even in many a wholesaler's toolbox.

If you do use LinkedIn, there are still a host of unexplored ways to leverage its power.

That's why this week's guest is "must listen" podcasting!

Aug 2, 2016


Both wholesalers and advisors recognize the gap between their respective groups in both age and attitude.

“Here comes the wholesaler,” the advisor says, “full of vigor and vim and can-do attitude, but little awareness of what type of person I look forward to connecting with; little awareness of the types of...