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Apr 24, 2020

Listen to Part One

On 4/7/20 we asked our Sunday Night Email readers, "What are you thinking?"

Specifically we wanted to know: 

  • What will a return to 'normal' look like in our wholesaling world?
  • While some firms have guaranteed 2020 employment, will there be layoffs yet to come?
  • How and when will firms/advisors welcome us back into their offices - or will they?
  • Will you be willing to travel, "shake hands and kiss babies" to promote products and build your practice?
  • Has the 'zoom culture' that we've been thrust into set the stage for a paradigm shift in how we do what we do?

We received an amazing number of responses. Most of which were really thought provoking.

In this episode we share the rest of our findings.

All of our Resources To Help You Weather The Coronavirus Storm can be found on our website!