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Sep 13, 2016

Your long-tenured PM is leaving the firm. The rider that advisors have been selling the heck out of is going away. Your new business processing is delayed by 10 days.

All bad news - and all messages that are no fun to deliver. 

Which is why Steven Gaffney is here to visit with us in this episode.

Steven is the global authority on teaching organizations to tell the truth and communicate more effectively - and not from a place of righteousness. He teaches honest communication because it is a better business strategy. His experience spans almost 20 years and his results are unmatched. His client list is staggering and includes a diverse range of leaders, including military officers and top executives of multinational corporations such as: Lockheed Martin, Marriott, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, General Dynamics, BP, Citigroup, Allstate Insurance, American Cancer Society, NASA, U.S. Marine Corps, Defense Logistics Agency, and Barrick Gold Corporation.

Steven has been a regular contributor to some of the most respected national television, radio, and print media outlets, and he is the author of six publications: "Just Be Honest", "Honesty Works!", "Honesty Sells", and “Be A Change Champion: Mastering Momentum.” Steven Gaffney is also an esteemed member of the Million Dollar Speaking Group of the National Speakers Association. People across the globe credit his speaking engagements, seminars, television and radio appearances, books and multimedia products, with making immediate and lasting positive changes in both their organizations, as well as their personal lives.

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