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Nov 28, 2017

Referrals can be the life’s blood of a practice. They can also be the advisors achilles heel. So how can your advisors not suffer death by referrals - and how can you build your PVP-Peerless Value Proposition® at the same time?

Kirk Lowe is a sought after expert on branding for financial services. He is the “Brand Guy” at Top Advisor Marketing.

Kirk is dedicated to demystifying and simplifying financial marketing. He regularly shares his insights and advice on his podcast Top Advisor Marketing, and offers DIY marketing resources and courses at AdvisorU.

Over 17+ years in financial branding, Kirk has worked with independent advisors, RIAs, IMOs, and BDs helping each find their unique points of differentiation then bring it to life in their marketing. Hiss clients have spanned the United States, Canada and Australia.