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Feb 13, 2018

You touch a ton of advisors, COIs and fellow industry professionals. You see them in every conceivable venue.

But do you create mutually profitable networking opportunities from those encounters?

Michael Goldberg has helped thousands of advisors, wholesalers, agents, reps, brokers, planners, and private equity firms generate hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line by implementing his Knock Out Networking system.

The focus is helping those in the financial services industry to generate more prospects, more referrals, and more business through networking. Michael gets hired to speak at firms, conferences, or sales meetings or to rollout his networking program companywide. 

When he’s not with financial advisors, Michael is an award winning adjunct professor at Rutgers University and donates time to speak at networking groups focused on job search. His book Knock Out Networking! is available!

To inquire about booking Michael Goldberg for your next event through Wholesaler Masterminds Speakers Bureau contact us at