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Jun 30, 2017

Depending on what you read or who you follow, the fate of the wholesaler is perilous.

With team structures and investment platforms becoming the preferred operating model for so many advisors, how does today’s wholesaler successfully harvest, deepen and retain key advisor relationships?

We’ve brought together two special guests to address just that.

Mark Spina is head of U.S. Private Client Services at Russell Investments.

In this role, he is the senior executive responsible for leading and expanding Russell Investments’ U.S. business with leading wealth management firms. Mark is a member of the firm’s global executive committee and global risk committee, tasked with overseeing the firm’s global business. He reports directly to the CEO and is based in New York City. Mark has extensive and diverse experience with business management, sales, marketing and product responsibilities.

Dave Maloney, formerly a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley, created a ten event athletic contest in 2008 to settle a friendly bet among friends. In 2009, Maloney converted the contest into a fundraising competition to pay homage to his mother’s battle with cancer.

Originally called The Wall Street Decathlon, the contest brought together advisors, asset managers and HNW investors to compete in a 10-event contest modeled after the popular NFL Scouting Combine. Now called The D10, it has expanded to 5 cities (NYC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston), attracted participants from 1000+ broker-dealers, asset managers, professional services firms, technology, and energy companies, and is responsible for raising $9.3M+ to fund pediatric cancer research .