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Mar 10, 2020

Travel restrictions are in place and in-person advisor/COI appointments may not be possible.

So, what’s a great wholesaler to do? Meet virtually, my friends.

This series of shows from Wholesaler Masterminds Radio is called Wholesaler Tech Talk, sponsored by YCharts. Our goal is to explore the technology behind the art, science and lifestyle of wholesaling.

In this episode we mention:

Here is the article Rob mentioned: What Time Is the Coronavirus Conference Call?

About Marquesa Pettway: Former CNN Associate Producer of business show “Managing with Lou Dobbs, turned Business Reinvention Strategist & Professional Speaker, Marquesa Pettway speaks and coaches about the technology, presentations skills and technical logistics for working and
speaking virtually.

Speakerpreneurs(TM), a term she created in 2004, breaks down the “how to” of leveraging your expertise, time, and network from anywhere!

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