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Mar 17, 2020

This series of shows from Wholesaler Masterminds Radio is called Wholesaler Tech Talk, sponsored by YCharts

About Tim Kresl: Tim is a Principal of the Distribution Insight team at Broadridge. Tim has spent his career partnering with leading financial services providers to help translate data and research into meaningful actions that improve business outcomes.

He co-founded Atom Analytics in January 2018 with the goal of helping financial services providers use their existing data more effectively and systematically to drive distribution effectiveness. In July 2018 Atom Analytics joined Broadridge as part of the Data & Analytics group. Broadridge’s new Distribution Insight team now combines in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, an unmatched distribution dataset, cutting-edge data science techniques, and their unique view of the customer landscape with clients' business goals and data to create bespoke segmentation strategies and client journey maps.

Prior to starting Atom Analytics, Tim was a Principal of Market Metrics and subsequently a Strategic Advisor to Strategic Insight. In these roles he became a recognized leader in the industry for utilizing data to drive distribution effectiveness. 

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