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May 2, 2017

Big game hunting. In our world it's the 'corner office' advisor, the object of every wholesaler's affection.

And if you are able to successfully bag a partnership with this most elusive producer you can change the trajectory of your practice.

The question is: how do you do it?

Richard Weylman is in the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, the recipient of the Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE) and is a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP).

Richard has a worldwide reputation for helping clients better understand how to make the changes necessary to attract and retain new customers, as well as the right talent to elevate business performance.

As an impactful keynote speaker and workshop leader Richard will bring his expertise to your audience, blending timely and provocative research with the right amount of humor and inspiration they can take away and use immediately.

He has delivered over 2,500 keynote speeches on four continents to audiences of 20 to 40,000 and is a master at tailoring his presentations to the specific needs of your audience.

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