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Jul 17, 2018

How do our most senior leaders, and those that offer them consultation, feel about the direction and trajectory of our industry?

What is their outlook on the future state of wholesaling and, based on their considerable experiences, what lessons would they help us all learn? 

In this episode, sponsored by Money Management Institute’s Center for Distribution Excellence, we explore what wholesalers need to do to thrive in the future world of wholesaling – a world where they are responsible not just for their own efforts and outcomes, but for harnessing the resources of their firm to capture advisor partnerships and assets.

Show summary:

Home offices and advisory practices are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse in their portfolio construction processes and use of share classes and investment vehicles. This is adding to many asset managers’ preexisting challenges of defining top-tier partnerships and locating true centers-of-influence. Many asset managers are facing mounting pressures in balancing their prioritization of growth opportunities and efficient distribution strategies.

Cerulli Associates will discuss how these trends are impacting the future of distribution. Emphasis is given to the importance of Key Accounts, territory management, and the growing need for wholesalers to possess a blend of relationship management, analytical, and consulting skills.

Our guests for this episode are:

Bing Waldert – Managing Director, U.S. Research: Bing has oversight over Cerulli’s U.S. research and data products and consulting business. He has authored multiple Cerulli Reports, and contributes to the Cerulli Edge series. Bing has more than 15 years of financial services industry experience.

Donnie Ethier – Director of Wealth Management: Donnie leads consulting engagements and research initiatives as it pertains to Cerulli Associates’ intermediary distribution capabilities. He directionally leads Cerulli’s U.S. High Net Worth practice and provides internal consultation to the Annuities & Insurance practice, specifically distribution strategies. He contributes to multiple consulting projects, Cerulli Reports, and the Cerulli Edge series.