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May 15, 2018

It happens every single day.

Wholesalers sacrifice their health in the name of success.

For what reason though? Maybe it’s because fatigue wins over personal self-care, work demands are pulling you in too many directions, or the to-do list is simply longer than the hours in the day. 

Whatever the reason may be, it’s time for a change. Each of us is deserving and capable of achieving and maintaining health while excelling in business. And it doesn’t have to be difficult either!

Keynote Speaker Angela Gaffney is the best-selling author of Feel Good, Look Good, For Life and her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, USA Today, Yoga+Life Magazine and more. She is a trusted resource for Fortune 100 Companies and her clients will tell you she’s a game-changer! Angela inspires through story and challenges attendees to shift perspective, make new choices, and raise standards to create life-long health.

After overcoming a disease she was told would take her life, Angela teaches people simple and effective strategies to achieve health, increase productivity and live stress-free while reaching their personal and professional goals. Angela’s keynotes, workshops and retreats challenge attendees to think differently about their health.  There’s no crash diet, no need for intense willpower, or a restrictive lifestyle. Angela’s simple strategies solve common health challenges, empower others to take charge of their health and ignite transformation.

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