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Nov 8, 2016

How many active sellers do you serve? 200? 500? 800? How do you decide how much “love” to give, to whom, and when? 

Speaker, author, executive coach, and Olympic medalist, Paul Kingsman is a sought-after expert on how to be distraction-proof. He teaches financial services professionals the repeatable systems, processes, and verbiage required to successfully grow their businesses and achieve outstanding long-term results.

Paul knows the importance of keeping focused in life’s split seconds first hand: he trained for 13 years, to swim a 2 minute backstroke race at the Olympics, and won a medal by only four one-hundredths of a second!

As an Olympic medalist, Paul knows the principles and mind-set needed to succeed in a highly competitive environment. As a financial advisor, he understands the daily business realities of this industry. His experience enables him to equip audiences and coaching clients with practical solutions to overcome distractions, pursue their priorities, and increase their AUM.

His book, The Distraction-Proof Advisor: Gain Control, Work Smarter, Succeed Sooner, is available from

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