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Oct 4, 2016

You get paid to influence.

Influence advisors to present your firm’s product versus the competitors.

But how do you enhance your powers of influence?

Better still, how do you create unlimited influence?

Every principle and best practice Joe Colavito teaches was born from his experience working with top wholesalers and advisors at the point of sale. Over the past 12 years he has facilitated training programs for over 12,000 financial representatives and consulted with individuals and teams seeking to perform at the next level.

He brings a unique blend of passion, proven communication principles and innovation to each session to show wholesalers and advisors how to increase their focus, influence and performance so they can accelerate the growth of their practice and better serve their clients.

Prior to founding Corevu, LLC and joining the ASLANetwork as a Certified Trainer, Joe was the VP of Development for Wells REF. His background includes: twelve years in the recruiting industry where he interviewed over 5,000 candidates and served as a partner in two leading global executive search firms. Along the way he discovered that far too many talented professionals are hitting the performance wall, and need objective perspective, simple next steps and an accountability partner to achieve breakthrough performance.

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