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Jun 16, 2016

The NEW Wholesaler Masterminds Radio Show launches in late July. In the meantime, we've selected the most popular episodes from our original 100 shows to share with you!

Originally recorded 4/21/2015

The more you make the more disconnected you feel.

The cocktail party conversation at the neighbor’s house turns to money and you fall silent.

Truth be told, sometimes you are embarrassed by your earnings. 

We work in an industry that affords us an exceptional level of income opportunity.

And frequently, either through the media vilifying financial services, or through our our devices, we feel borderline ashamed of that income.

Enter Kim Curtin, The Wall Street Coach.

In her new book Transforming Wall Street, A Conscious Path For A New Future Kim interviews some of the most successful citizens of our financial services sector and delivers insights that allow us to not downplay or hide our success.

You’ll also hear about characteristics that some would associate with the weak, such as vulnerability and authenticity, playing significant roles in the careers of these interviewees.